Bad Route

I just called to say I love you!

A call cirle! I'm way too excited about that. It's been so long since we've done one!

Anyway, I won't be home till after 9. I don't know when. But before 10 for sure. Is that too late? Normally I would hang out after class and gossip about my instructor and his psycho "girlfriend" but after last week I am too scared.

Oh, and everyone should check out the database because I'm not sure if I have the most current #s for you guys in my phone right now.
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Let me be your weeping Willow Tree...

Nuts To You

what year did you guys graduate from High School?


Obedience School?

HS: 1996
Fake College: 2201
Mitzi's Pooch Academy: still enrolled
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Let me be your weeping Willow Tree...


Hello, Chungies!?!?

Where are you? Why aren't you on!? I need you!!!!

Now that I have this new schedule - I won't be on anymore. 3 days out of the week I will be in hell 'til 4. Which means I won't be home 'til 6. And 6 my time = 9 yo time. And that is too late to chung it up. Isn't it?! Isn't it!?!?!

This is the end!

You guys are going to miss me. Just you wait and see.

Mary, are you really coming next week??? I thought you said the 20th?
Oh my god! That is next week!

and did you get my note?

I am still miserable.

Damn you Paki! How could you do this to me????
*honky tears*

taytaytay, i want to have your baybaybay bee.

*oriental orgasms*

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sorry for the disappearing act today, my loves! i got a call from boston about waterfronts, ooh la la. if work is going to keep tearing us apart, i'ma quit, i promise.
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