January 15th, 2002

Bad Route

Trade this Space, bitch

Did anyone see Trading Spaces this week? Can you believe that woman who absolutely hated the gorgeous thai-themed bedroom that Genevieve made? What a stupid ungrateful cow. She was such a bitch the whole time, too. Those pursed little lips, constantly disapproving... You can just tell some people need to have an orgasm.
Bad Route

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I dreamt that Mel and Anibal picked out a hideous bridesmaid dress. The bottom was Cinderella-huge, and black with red trim. The top was cotton jersey knit... like a polo shirt.

It's not gonna happen because I think they are relying on me to help with all the fashion details, but still.
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I have my period and I believe the PS's are on their way. Anytime after lunch I am expecting them.

I really hate people who are too cheerful. People that see you are crabby and say, "hey! Cheer up," and I just want to yell, "FUCK OFF!" I am weary of people like that. I work with two in particular.

And the god damn pounding needs to stop!!!!! Why can't they do work at night around here???